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If you like trendy, cosmopolitan cities that certainly do not lack a surrounding, majestic natural setting, then you will surely enjoy a trip to Vancouver, British Columbia. A new city, Vancouver is culturally diverse, and when it comes to enjoying outdoor pursuits, the area provides every kind of terrain. There aren't many destinations that are better for downhill skiing, and that's just the beginning of the list of possible outdoor activities to be enjoyed to the maximum here. Mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and of course, snow boarding, are just as popular, and natives and visitors alike tend to reserve plenty of time to enjoy their activity of choice. Natives of Vancouver love their city, and for good reason. Chances are you will love it just as much if you choose to see just how much Vancouver trips have to offer.

One of the top attractions that should make the itinerary of Vancouver getaways is Stanley Park. A rainforest actually, it is also North America's second largest city park. Located downtown, it's a wonder to think you are in a thriving city when you get lost here. Open all the time, the park's cedar trees and Douglas firs are just part of the beauty to be found here. The walking trails here pass by flowers and lagoons, and you just might spot some of nature's creatures milling about. Beavers, swans and bald eagles are just some of the animals that you can see at Stanley Park, and the Children's Farm has a great petting zoo. At Stanley Park, you will find some nice restaurants, and if you tire when walking, you might take to biking. There is also a shuttle bus that you can hop on and off, and it hits all the major attractions. On the west side of Vancouver, a destination worthy of inclusion in most Vancouver getaways, is Granville Island. A Vancouver trip planner might want to allow for more than one day here, if possible, and if you don't have extra time, make sure to at least explore the wonderful Granville Island Public Market. You can buy everything from homemade soaps to handcrafted jewelry here, and art galleries and restaurants abound. Granville Island even has its own brewery, as well as water sports rentals, and at just 5 minutes from downtown, it's a can't miss.

If stress has recently been getting the best of you and you are looking for soul-soothing things that fit nicely into Vancouver getaways, then you will want to consider making time for a visit to English Bay, which is found on the edge of Stanley Park, just across from Grand Island. Most visitors to this neighborhood would agree that it's a place where stress meets its match. A walk along the Seawall here is quite a relaxing experience, and the restaurants found near the beach offer some tempting west coast fusion dishes. You might choose to stay at a hotel here, or nearby, and enjoy great views of both mountains and skyline. You'll also be surprised at how warm the water here is should you engage in a swim. Adding a museum trip to Vancouver getaways can be an excellent compliment to the city's other scenes. The Vancouver trip planner for your group would do well to include the Vancouver Museum of Anthropology on the itinerary. Found on the edge of west Vancouver, and on the fringes of the University of British Columbia, just a walk around the museum grounds alone is rewarding. The overlook at Point Grey here features re-created Haida tribal longhouses and ten totem poles. Inside Museum of Anthropology, you will find a most impressive collection of Native art hailing from the west coast. Hand carved masks and outstanding sculptures are just some of the artifacts you'll find here, each of which are arranged according to the culture they pertain to.

Skiers and snow boarders around the world are familiar with the quality of downhill skiing found in and around Vancouver. Only about 70 miles north of Vancouver are the famed Whistler and BlackComb resorts, and unless you are mentioning such resorts as Vail, in Colorado, and Jackson Hole, in Wyoming, it's hard to find a better place to hit slopes. Oddly enough, you don't exactly have to leave Vancouver to make some turns in the snow. In the North Shore mountains, there are three ski resorts, and you will find the lift tickets to be well-priced. Various eco-tours can be arranged in Vancouver, which is sure to add fun to any and all Vancouver trips, and if you are up for a particularly thrilling adventure, you can include a white water rafting adventure in your trip to Vancouver. Both the Chilliwack and Nahatlatch rivers are within a few hours drive of Vancouver, and in the summer, you can find enjoy runs in Whistler. Many visitors choose to supplement their trip to Vancouver with a visit the nearby city of Victoria, which is the capital of British Columbia. Victoria is especially lively the first weekend in August, when the annual Symphony Splash event takes place. Crowds flock to the grounds of the British Columbia Parliament Buildings and at the Victoria waterfront to see the Victoria Symphony play live on a barge in the harbor. Victoria maintains an older feel, and it is truly a charming city. A small city, Victoria is very laid back, even more so than Vancouver, if that is possible, and whale watching and mountain biking are just a couple things you can enjoy here. There are two ways to get to Victoria, since it is on an island some 50 miles from Vancouver. You can take a float plane to get here, but most people prefer to arrive by ferry. Be prepared for an English feel here, and don't be surprised if you see a double-decker bus or two.

You will find that to adequately enjoy all that Vancouver has to offer, you will either have to move there, or at least schedule a bunch of Vancouver trips. It's just such a fascinating place, making the job of a Vancouver trip planner a pretty easy one. Hopefully, you will get the chance to include the destinations mentioned in this article when you take your trip to Vancouver.

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