Disneyland Trips

If you are wondering where to take the family on your next vacation, perhaps it’s time to check out Disneyland in California. Disneyland trip planning can be a fun-filled family affair, or you can choose to go it alone and surprise everyone in your group afterwards. Disneyland is not called “The Happiest Place on Earth” for no good reason. It’s a place where adults can be kids again, and kids here have a blast. The Disneyland experience has given birth to countless theme parks across the globe, few of which have even approached the kind of success that Disneyland has. Disneyland trips mix fantasy with magic, and since opening in 1955, this iconic theme park has seen over 500 million happy guests. Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California, and it is owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company. It is part of the greater Disneyland Resort, which is also where you can find Disney’s California Adventure. California Adventure is a theme park that is centered around California’s storied history and culture.

Disneyland trips can get costly in a hurry, and as such, it’s always a good idea to search for a good Disneyland package trip. Disneyland packages are aplenty, and so you should have no problems finding one when Disneyland trip planning. The city of Anaheim is a very family-friendly kind of place, and the Anaheim hotels present some very nice selections. Close to Disneyland, you can find Anaheim hotels that have you a stone’s throw from the park, which can be quite convenient. You can also look for a Disneyland package trip that includes accommodations at one of the Disneyland Resort hotels. Most any Disneyland package trip will include admission to the theme park and lodging at a specified hotel. You can add options from there. Disneyland trip planning is best done in advance, but by no means does that mean you can’t find a good deal if you wait until the last minute. If you are traveling with a large group to Disneyland, you might consider booking a room at an all-suites hotel. If a hotel offers free breakfast, parking and transportation to and from the park, then its overall value goes up considerably.

Cheap Disneyland trips can have a lot to do with the price you pay for airfare. If you are flexible with your dates when you find yourself Disneyland trip planning, you will often find that you can save a considerable amount of money if you fly on one day versus another. If you are going to need a rental car when you arrive in California, you can often save money by renting on the weekends, or if you book your rental car as part of your Disneyland package trip. Skipping the rental car can save you big bucks, and plenty of Disneyland area hotels provide free shuttle service to the park’s entrance. Some of these hotels also feature airport shuttle service. Sometimes, you can find cheap Disneyland trips that feature a “kids fly free” promotion. Maximizing your time at Disneyland can help you to realize cheap Disneyland trips. The more days you spend there, the more you are going to spend. There are ways to avoid spending gobs of time in ride lines, which can dampen your Disneyland experience. If you want to avoid lines best you can, you might look into Disney’s “Ridemax” computer software. You can download it onto your PC and use it to help you plan a most efficient Disneyland experience.

Another way to ensure that cheap Disneyland trips stay cheap, is to bring food for a picnic. While you might not be able to bring food items into the park, you can always store a small cooler in one of the lockers near the main gates. This is also where your complimentary breakfast comes in real handy. If you arrive to Disneyland unfed and hungry, you will likely resort to paying big bucks for nourishment. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with indulging here if there’s room for it in the budget. Be sure to look for any special deals that Disneyland might be offering prospective visitors, and if you choose certain ticket packages, you can often save money there too. If you have a rental car during your Disneyland vacation, you can always head to nearby Los Angeles for a day trip, or take to one of southern California’s famed beaches for a day of fun in the sun. Disneyland trips are ideal for people of all ages, and if you like to have fun, you pretty much can’t go wrong here. Start planning your Disneyland vacation now, and be the toast of your family when it comes time to depart for your Disneyland adventure.

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