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Sunshine, beaches, movie stars and scores of aspiring actors and singers make up much of Los Angeles's identity, and when it comes to top United States destinations, you can surely put LA up there. Home to Hollywood and so much more, Los Angeles trips present visitors with a long list of possible things to do. If you are the Los Angeles trip planner in your group, figuring out which attractions interest you most will be a key determinant in finding the right Los Angeles hotels. Los Angeles is very spread out, with different parts of the city often requiring a long and heavily-trafficked drive to get there. But, it can be kind of fun becoming part of the LA traffic scene, if not for a few days, and with road signs displaying such places as Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Burbank and Venice Beach, there is always a latent excitement in the air here. Each Los Angeles neighborhood presents a different feel and atmosphere, and sometimes just driving around reveals the best adventures here. The "City of Angels" has a terrific dining scene, and its bars and nightclubs are among some of the most notable on the planet. If you are looking for things to do in Los Angeles between meals and nighttime hijinks, you might consider the following suggestions.

If you are interested in ideas for Los Angeles trips that are ideal for the family, then you might want to include a visit to Universal Studios Hollywood and CityWalk. Located at 1000 Universal Plaza, this amusement park is large, offering insight and behind the scenes looks into the film making industry. The 1-hour guided tram tour is highly recommended, and how can you not enjoy rides and attractions with such names as Jurassic Park The Ride, Shrek 4D and Animal Planet Live!? The amusement park will more than keep you busy for hours, but if you are looking for more to do here, you can always explore the adjacent Universal CityWalk. Part mall, part theme park shopping city, you can find name brand stores here and familiar restaurants. If you are up for some nightlife, you can check out one of the CityWalk night clubs. The CityWalk itself is free, and if you are up for spending money, you can interest your clan in a game of bowling or catch that movie you've been wanting to see at the CityWalk movie theater. The Universal Studios Hollywood and CityWalk could prove ideal for several Los Angeles day trips, due to the fact that there is so much to do here.

Hard to miss on its perch in the Santa Monica mountains, the Getty Center is a definite pleaser if you are a Los Angeles trip planner looking for cultural pursuits. Most people who add this attraction to their Los Angeles trips come for the impressive J. Paul Getty Museum, which houses a list of antiquities and notable works of art. As impressive as works such as Van Gogh's "Irises" can be, if the kids seem a bit bored, the Getty Museum has programs designed exclusively for kids. A self-guided tour is usually the way to go, especially if you take one of the audio tours. You will pay for parking here, but otherwise, entrance is free. Another museum that is surely a worthy candidate for inclusion in Los Angeles getaways is the La Brea Tar Pits. Found at 5801 Wilshire Boulevard, the tar pits that still bubble here are truly amazing. Found within them have been scores of Ice Age fossils, many of which are remnants of such creatures as saber-toothed tigers and giant mastedons. You can watch scientists examine new finds at the museum here, and admission to the museum will hardly put a dent in any travel budget. If you are the designated Los Angeles trip planner, schedule this destination for the first Tuesday of the month if you can. Everyone will get in for free!

As a center of entertainment, it is generally understood that you can find some nice shows and performances to go to when in Los Angeles. There is always a concert going on somewhere in town, be it at a bar, a club, or an outdoor venue, romantic Los Angeles getaways might find an evening out at the Walt Disney Concert Hall to be oh, so ideal. A beautiful venue, it was designed by architect Frank Gehry, and as far as concert halls go, it's simply one of the best in the world. If you have ever seen, or perhaps visited Gehry's Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, you will find this creation to be quite similar. The acoustics and decor here are as good as they get, and if you get the chance, seeing the Los Angeles Philharmonic perform is quite a treat. If you can't make a show, you can always take an audio tour, which includes some very interesting interviews.

Families, couples and groups of friends can always arrange Los Angeles day trips to nearby Anaheim if they are looking for added entertainment. It is here that you will find Knott's Berry Farm Theme Park and world-famous Disneyland. If you can include both of these places, then more power to you, and surely you will get your fill of excitement. Many Los Angeles day trips include Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm Theme Park, basically because theme parks don't get much better than these. Only in Orlando, Florida will you find such a collection of rides and entertainment industry-related attractions, and you'll want to check for any special events that can add some extra flare to Los Angeles getaways. Los Angeles is also a great city for enjoying the Great Outdoors. The surrounding mountains make for excellent hiking, and the beaches are always a good place to find fun in the sun. If you are looking for something a bit out of the ordinary for Los Angeles trips, you might consider renting a kayak at Marina del Rey. After some instruction, you can make your way about the marina, checking out wildlife. Los Angeles trips can include a stay at a nice seaside hotel, where sunsets are a most welcome part of the day. From the shores into the sprawling metropolis that Los Angeles is, there seems no end to the possibilities for things to do.

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