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If you haven’t considered the many options for cruise trips when planning your next vacation, you might be surprised at how many choices there are. Most American cities that find themselves near a significant water source have an array of local cruise trips that you can include in your visit, be it long or short. If you are a care free, plan as you go kind of traveler, you may have always thought that extended cruises might be too rigid for you, but with many modern day cruise ships dueling as small floating cities, you can find plenty of on-board entertainment as you sail between exciting destinations. On some of these extended cruise trips, you will be given the chance to choose from a list of exciting shore excursions. Other cruise packages will include a night or more at an on-land resort or hotel, and if you are booking a luxury cruise, you will surely enjoy the best accommodations available. If it’s simply a cheap cruise trip you are after, there certainly are always deals out there.

Choosing which cruise trips will make it to the top of your list can be a trying endeavor. There are so many possible destinations and embarkation points to choose from. In the United States, many major coastal cities serve as the starting point for open-ocean cruise trips. On the east coast, cities like New York, Miami and Fort Lauderdale are among the top ports for shoving off, while Los Angeles, San Diego and Seattle are common west coast cruise ports. Alaskan cruises have been particularly popular in recent years, and the chance to see glaciers meet the ocean is surely a treat for even the most seasoned traveler. From Seattle, you can book a 7-day cruise to Alaska and back, and those seeking a nice, cheap cruise trip might be interested in a shorter 3 or 4-day cruise from Seattle, which generally involves exploring nearby British Columbia. Cruise trips can last a few hours, on up to a few weeks, and depending on how much time you have, you can see more than you may have ever imagined. Maybe an extended cruise from Maine to Florida will tempt you most. Perhaps you are simply interested in an evening dinner cruise with that someone special.

It’s not uncommon to find choices for daily and nightly cruise trips in American cities that are found on the water. A specialty cruise for your special event is always a possibility. Californian cities like San Francisco and San Diego, for instance, offer a full array of dinner cruises, and you can arrange private charter cruises in such cities for corporate events, weddings, school events and more. In St. Louis, you can book like cruises that operate on the mighty Mississippi River, and if you should be vacationing for a bit in Michigan, a sunset cruise on Lake Michigan will certainly add romance to your getaway. Students looking to unwind might decide to look for a Spring Break cruise trip. While many a Spring Break cruise trip can see you heading to foreign places like Mexico or Aruba, you don’t have to leave the United States to have a great time. Plus, if you are American, you won’t need a passport for a Spring Break cruise trip to destinations like Key West or Alaska. Students usually have good luck finding a cheap cruise trip when it comes to Spring Break, as many cruise lines are prone to offering student discounts. Booking your trip early, and sharing a cabin with friends are just a few ways to save money on your Spring Break cruise trip.

Most of the major cruise lines offer discounts for all of their cruises, many times in hopes of attracting new customers. So if a cheap cruise trip is what you are after, the choices seem to be getting better and better every day. When you go to plan a cheap cruise trip, you should come across plenty of affordable choices that you can even book at the last minute. Of course, the length of your cruise will affect the final price, and there are different levels for accommodations on board should you be on an overnight trip. If you are booking a cheap cruise trip, you can save money by staying in an interior cabin, but if you can fit it in your budget, the outside cabins are the way to go. It certainly is pleasurable to awake to ocean views from your window. Most cruises are already a good value in and of themselves. When you consider that your meals, room, and on board activities are typically included in your fare, the price will start to look better and better. Toss in the fact that you are receiving transportation to and from some stunning destinations, and it’s icing on the cake. Massages, shore excursions, and other side services can cost extra, but generally, even they are pretty-well priced. Most often, longer American cruise trips last from 3 days to two weeks, thus fitting nicely into most people’s vacation time.

Many cruise industry experts advise that prospective cruisers look into cruise trip insurance. Cancellation insurance is perhaps the best feature of cruise trip insurance, as something unexpected could always arise. Should you not be able to go on your cruise for any reason, unless you have cancellation insurance, you can end up getting stuck with the bill anyways. Cruise lines have also been known to suddenly go bankrupt in the past, and should that happen to the company you choose to go with, cancellation insurance can help you avoid losing money. Cruise trip insurance, or travel insurance in general, can also come in handy if your bags get lost, or should you experience significant travel delays or incur emergency medical expenses. Getting travel insurance allows you to go into any trip with added peace of mind, and cruises are no different.

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