Road Trip

Almost everyone at some point dreams of filling up the tank, hitting the open road, and leaving their worries behind. A road trip USA adventure can have you stopping at some of the country’s most recognized destinations. Sometimes, however, it’s the little surprises along the way that can prove to be the true gems of road trips. Driving a stretch of road that you’ve never been on before can reveal various side exploits along the way, and if you are the kind of traveler that finds interest no matter where you go, road trip travel may be your match made in heaven. Ever since Henry Ford took automobile production to new heights and President Eisenhower followed with the interstate highway system, America has been very much a driving country. Americans spend so much time in their cars, it’s a wonder road trips are as popular as they are. Ah, but the beauty of a road trip is the feeling of freedom that it inspires. Go where you want, stop when you want, find a nifty restaurant on the way, shack up in a hotel, stay with a friend, or set up camp. Soon, it’s back on the road for more! Your road trip USA adventure could last weeks, taking you thousands of miles across the country, or it could merely last a few hours. Road trip travel doesn’t have to take you far. All you need is an open mind, which is one of the best road trip tips, and you can have a blast wherever your road trip takes you.

Choosing the route for possible road trips can be an enjoyable pursuit, indeed. There are some major road trip routes that a road trip planner might consider first, but really, it’s up to you where you choose to go and which roads you choose to take. One of the more famous road trip USA adventures involves driving along the historic Route 66. Route 66 may not be the major route that it once was, but if you choose to navigate part, or all, of its stretch from Chicago to Los Angeles, you will experience the essence of what road trip travel is all about. Possible stops along the way could include the city of St. Louis, the majestic Grand Canyon, and so much more. As Americana as it gets, should you include this symbolic highway in your road trip, you will certainly have the chance to “get your kicks on Route 66"! Back towards the east coast, Interstate 95 runs from Maine to Miami, and there are certainly some major American cities along the way. Boston, New York, and Washington D.C. are just some of the big towns that you can access from I-95, but if you are the designated road trip planner, you might choose to stick closer to the coast. Thousands of miles of two-lane country roads can have you within easy reach of Atlantic Ocean coastal towns, where you might choose to stay at a beach side resort or hotel. If you are starting your road trip USA excursion near Miami, a favorite route for drivers to take is Highway 1, which leads down to the famed Florida Keys.

A road trip planner looking to the west coast of the United States will certainly want to consider stretches of the west coast’s version of Highway 1, which is also known as the Pacific Coast Highway, or State Route 1. You can take this road from Los Angeles on up the beautiful California coastline, which is one of the most spectacular in the world. As you get into northern California, the Pacific Coast Highway becomes part of Highway 101, which will take you further north along the Oregon and Washington coastlines. Though you might not have time to span the entire 1,500 miles that make up this route, driving at least part of it is sure to reveal stunning view after stunning view. A popular part of the route in northern California will take you through Redwood country, where the unbelievably large trees will both stun and captivate you. Take it as far as northwest Washington, and you will be rewarded with the chance to explore the picturesque Olympic National Park.

A good way to cross through the heart of America, is to hop on Interstate 80, which runs from New York City to San Francisco. Interstate 70 is another way to pass through the middle of the country, and it runs from Utah to Washington D.C., so you can imagine all the possibilities for interesting road trip travel along its route. One of the great things about a US road trip is the fact that pretty much wherever you go, there will always be choices for hotels nearby. If you are on a New England road trip, you might stay at a bed and breakfast in New Haven, Connecticut, or opt to find a relaxing campground in Vermont. If money is tight, there are plenty of budget hotels that can be found off of many a major American roadway. Even if you had intended to make it through a state before stopping, for example, knowing that an affordable place to rest your head is rarely too far off can make your trip a lot less stressful. In this modern age of GPS devices, getting lost on your road trip is becoming harder and harder, but if you do not benefit from GPS, having a good map is among the top road trip tips to follow. Another of the road trip tips to consider concerns gasoline. Filling up whenever you can in a state like Utah can help you avoid an embarrassing and risky stall out in the desert. Surely, a certain amount of pre-planning can help make your road trip more enjoyable, but it might be just as good an idea to allow time for unexpected detours. See how much fun being a road trip planner can be, and treat yourself to a great American road trip. Even if it’s just to the next town over.

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