Surfing Trips

Whether you know what you are doing or not, a surf trip can be an exhilarating experience. Surf trips usually mean fun in the sun and plenty of waves. Left breakers, right breakers, sandy stretches, and good times with friends are just part of what makes surf trips so fun. Plus, a growing amount of surfing guides are popping up along the coasts of many a country, offering not only surfing lessons, but insight into the best local surf spots as well. If you have never tried surfing and want to see for yourself just why surfing becomes almost a religion for some people, then book a surfing trip for the near future, and try your hand at hanging ten. Surfing is hard, and it does take time to hone your surfing skills, but with a little bit of determination and a good attitude, you might just impress yourself. If you are not sure if an extended surfing trip is right for you, then you might plan a weekend surf trip, or simply attempt a few hours of surfing the next time you are near the ocean. The surf’s up all around the world, so grab a board and show the mighty ocean who’s boss. You can give it a shot at least.

The first thing you will have to do when planning surfing trips, is decide where to go. Thankfully, good surfing spots abound across the globe, and in the United States, you can find some of the best surfing in the world. Many coastal Californians grow up with surfing in their blood. If you live in California and don’t surf, chances are that you know someone who does. Chances are even better that that person absolutely loves surfing. Up and down the California coast, you can find surfers taking to the water, and it is a good destination to consider for both skilled and unskilled surfers. Near Los Angeles, you might consider trying surfing at nearby Huntington Beach. If you are staying in San Francisco, you might head south to nearby Santa Cruz to join the other surfers. On the east coast of the United States, the surfing might not be as consistently good as it is in California, but that doesn’t stop people from arranging a surfing weekend in spots like Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, or the Sebastian Inlet area of central Florida. If you are not an experienced surfer, you will want to make sure that the waves you are after are not those that only experienced surfers should ride. If you choose to use a surf guide, they should be able to match you up with a beach that best fits your skills, or lack thereof.

Off of the United States mainland, the state of Hawaii has surfing that is fit for the gods. The Hawaiian island of Oahu is among the top surfing destinations in the world, so if you are heading out this way, a weekend surf trip in Oahu might be a good consideration. The “Pipeline” on Oahu’s famed North Shore has some of the world’s best breaks, while Haleiwa is a more ideal beach for beginners. Back on the mainland, you can even entertain the idea of a surfing weekend in Texas. Beaches near Houston and Galveston, such as Crystal Beach, can often have some pretty nice breaks, and should you be lucky enough to find yourself vacationing at Texas’s South Padre Island, you can find the state’s premier surf spots. If you are up for a surfing trip outside of the United States, countries like Australia and South Africa are big name surfing countries that you might consider, or you may head for countries south of the U.S. border. Mexico has some pretty good surfing, and in Central and South America, you can find some great waves as well. In Peru, the beaches found running north from Lima to the Ecuadorian border are excellent for those looking to add a weekend surf trip to their Peru vacation. The beach at Chicama, which is north of the city of Trujillo, Peru, is known to have the world’s longest wave, and in Central American countries like Guatemala and Costa Rica, you can enjoy Pacific coast surfing as well.

A surfing weekend might not be ideal for everyone, but it is something that you might at least consider. Surfing gives you a first hand understanding of just how powerful the ocean can be. Safety is always something that you should consider when surfing, and if a beach’s waves look too intimidating to tackle, they probably are. While owning your own surf board is a must for most surfing enthusiasts, those looking to enjoy surfing while on vacation can find places to rent boards and wet suits. Most guides provide rental equipment, or can help you find what you need, so all you have to do to enjoy a surfing weekend is show up. Watching talented surfers do their thing can be as far as many people take it, but surfing is certainly one of those things that you should try at least once in your life. There’s an inherent thrill to surfing, and unless you actually get on a board and try it for yourself, you will never know what that thrill is like.

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