Weekend Trips

During the course of any given week, things can get hectic. Many people’s schedules are pretty busy during the course of the week, and sometimes a quick getaway is just what you need when the weekend rolls around. Weekend trips are ideal for anyone who is looking for a little adventure, or a few days of down time. All across America, varying landscapes present a myriad of opportunities to seek out weekend adventure, and when a romantic weekend trip is what you’re after, there surely is no lack of United States hotels able to accommodate you even at the last minute. Maybe you want to hop the border for a few days, and enjoy the spoils that nearby countries have to offer. Whether you plan your weekend trips in advance, or choose to head out for a few days on a whim, enjoying a weekend getaway is easier than ever.

America is very much a driving country, and the country’s extensive highway system can get you to any one of the 48 Continental United States with ease. Packing up the car for weekend trips has been an American pastime for decades, and since most states have an ample supply of state parks, weekend recreation is usually just a short drive away. Fly into Missoula, Montana, for example, and an hour-long drive can have you at one of more than 5 state parks. Camping or renting a cabin in the woods is an excellent way to reconnect with nature, and when the weather warms, campgrounds around the country see plenty of weekend campers. If you are flying to your intended weekend destination, you can rent a car to get around, and since some car rental companies offer discount weekend rates, you can secure a reliable car even if cheap weekend trips is what you are after. Speaking of cheap weekend trips, even if you are traveling the next day, you can often find great weekend deals for any number of amazing destinations. Weekend trips have become such a hot commodity in the travel world, that it’s increasingly easy to find last minute trip packages that are geared exclusively towards weekend getaways.

Among the most popular destinations for weekend trips is Las Vegas. You can unwind in a multitude of ways in Vegas, and with so much to keep you busy on the Vegas Strip alone, it’s easy to see why tourists flock here all year long. Planning weekend trips to Vegas is made easy by the fact that there are an abundance of last minute Vegas trips available. Plus, with so many flights headed there each day, you can shop around to find the best deal. Planning ahead often means added savings, especially on flights, but since Vegas weekends are so popular, good deals on flights are common whenever you look. Many Las Vegas hotels offer special deals from time to time, and there are plenty of Vegas weekend packages that allow you to save money by booking your airfare, car rental, and accommodations all in one. In recent years, the Las Vegas dining scene has risen to rival some of the best culinary cities in the world, and there is an impressive array of Vegas shows to choose from. Last minute weekend trips can see you heading to any number of wonderful destinations. How about a quick weekend cruise to the Bahamas from Florida? Maybe you want to hit the slopes in Colorado and give the winter doldrums something to consider.

Weekend trips can be as lavish or simple as you want them to be. By no means do you have to spend a lot of money, however, to have a great time. Camping is cheap, and sitting by the fire under a blanket of stars can bring anyone together. Cheap weekend trips are best found if you are heading to a respective destination during its off season. Florida golf in the dead of Winter can be expensive, due to the fact that cold northerners will pay extra for a dose of that Florida Sunshine. But, if you head to the Sunshine State during the Summer, you can often find that golf courses there drop their rates. At the beginning and end of the Winter ski season, ski resorts and ski resort hotels tend to offer some pretty good deals, making skiing a good consideration for an adventure-filled, inexpensive weekend trip. Even during the peak ski season, you can find ski resort hotels offering deals, and various ski packages offer discounts on both accommodations and lift tickets. All it takes is a bit of searching, and weekend deals will reveal themselves en masse. Ever considered bus trips for an inexpensive weekend trip?

Plenty of bus tour trips last from half a day to just a few days, and if you have a group that is looking to head to a nearby amusement park, or just about anywhere else, you can charter a bus to take you there. How about a nice cruise for that romantic weekend trip? 3, 4 and 5-night cruises are becoming more and more in demand, and wherever there is a coast, it seems a cruise port is never far off. You can book a luxury cruise trip, though they can also be ideal for cheap weekend trips. Many cruise companies try to entice new customers with tantalizing deals, and for just a few hundred dollars, you can take to the high seas for a weekend without breaking the bank. A wine tour can be a great idea for a romantic weekend trip, and more and more states now feature at least a few decent wineries. The Michigan wineries that are found in the western lower peninsula have been making a name for themselves lately, and if you live in Detroit or Chicago and need some country air, a weekend trip to Michigan is always a possibility. There are so many possible ways to spend your weekends, and with an abundant supply of possibilities for cheap weekend trips, taking off for a few days doesn’t have to mean reaching deep into your pockets.

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