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Planning cheap trips can be as easy as taking the garbage out. In fact, in the time it takes to wrangle up all your different garbage bags and take them to the curb, you can book a cheap trip. In the old days, finding cheap trips was a bit of a hassle, as you had to depend on your travel agent to uncover special deals for you. Nowadays, you can plan a trip online and find a plethora of cheap trip ideas, from camping at a nearby state park, to spending a few days at a sunny beach. With flights departing daily from airports around the country, finding cheap round trip airfare is often the least of your worries, and with vacation package deals numbering in the tens of thousands, you can save money any number of ways when it’s time to get away for a while.

Even if you are planning a last minute trip, you can often find an array of deals that allow you to save money. If you are flexible with your times when booking a flight, you can have the luxury of comparing and contrasting ticket prices, allowing you to find the best option for cheap round trip airfare. If you are racking up frequent flier points, then cheap round trip airfare is certainly no worry, and if you can book a flight in advance, it can often mean added savings. When you find cheap round trip airfare, you will be able to apply your savings to your overall trip. That means more fishing in Alaska, for example, or perhaps even an extra night at a resort wherever you may go. Many times, you can find cheap round trip airfare by booking a vacation package. When you package your airfare, accommodations and ground transportation together, you can sometimes save in the hundreds of dollars. The fact that most hotels and airlines would rather rent you a room or sell you a ticket at a discount instead of losing money to vacancy, can help you find a cheap trip at the last minute. Weekend trips have become more and more popular, and to keep up with demand, many travel-related companies offer last minute trips at a good price.

Good cheap trip ideas can include a short cruise, a rustic cabin rental in the woods, a hike in a nearby state park or even a weekend in Vegas. If you travel to your destination during the off season, you can often find a cheap trip, as hotels and tours tend to drop their rates when demand is low. If you want to get away in the big city for a weekend, you can add that to your cheap trip ideas. Many downtown hotels in bigger cities cater mostly to business travelers during the week. Come the weekend, you can see downtown hotel rates drop in cities like Chicago and San Francisco. Perusing the myriad of options for affordable getaways can be the best way to drum up some good cheap trip ideas. Some last minute trip deals don’t allow you to choose your destination, but the deal might be so good, and the destination so interesting, that you can’t pass it up. When you go to find a cheap trip, you will often find that the cheap trip ends up finding you first.

Bus trips can be a good idea for cheap trips. At the Grand Canyon, for example, the bus tours are among the most practical and affordably-priced tours available. Plus, if you have mobility issues, or don’t think you want to get on the back of a mule, or take to the river in a raft, bus trips can be the ideal way to do some sightseeing. Even multi-day bus trips can be quite affordable, as well as easy to plan. You can find bus trips and tours pretty much wherever you go, and they can surely be a pleasant addition to any travel itinerary. Cheap trip ideas might also include renting a vacation house with a group of friends. Vacation rentals can cost the same, or less than a hotel room, and they generally provide added space and flexibility. If you are headed down to Jeckyll Island in Georgia, for example, splitting the rent at a vacation house can save everyone some money. In the off season, vacation rentals at such destinations as Crystal Beach, Texas and Muskegon, Michigan tend to lower their rates.

To help you find a cheap trip, you might avoid the weekend at some destinations. Weekend rates at the Las Vegas hotels tend to be higher than they are during the weekdays, and that Miami Beach oceanfront hotel you’ve had your eye on will probably be more expensive on the weekend as well. Many golf courses around the country have inflated weekend rates, so if you can plan your golf trips for weekdays, not only can you often save money, but you can also avoid the weekend crowds. To find a cheap trip, sometimes it’s just as easy as finding a destination where prices are good across the board. Some places cost more to fly to, like Hawaii, and in some states, overall prices for accommodations and such can be much lower than other states. If you plan to go skiing, you can often save gobs of money by choosing a lesser known ski destination. Big name ski resorts can be much more expensive than the less-publicized options nearby. Cheap trips come in all shapes and sizes, and as long as you are willing to look for them, you can find them. Since it is so easy to find a cheap trip these days, there is little reason to not get out and head somewhere exciting the next time you have some days off.

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